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iCal for Outlook
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iCalendar support for MS Outlook® 2000, XP, 2003 and 2007:

Finally, a solid solution allowing MS Outlook users to subscribe to their favorite calendars and work schedules via a simple plug-in.

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Exclusive Designs

Web sites are FAR MORE than simple "pages" on the world wide web. Today's sites are rich and dynamic, with valuable information made easilly accessible to their visitors. Your web site has the potential of gathering information about potential leads, and exporting that information directly into your local client management system. Let Kenner-Price & Associates help you reach your potential, and build your online presense into a valueable asset that improves your company's image. Each design is exclusive, and developed to match your company's particular situation and need.

Perfectly Matched

The software you use in your business today has a huge influence on your productivity. We work with you and your staff to customize an application package that will help enhance your efficiency and consequently your bottom line. When you are able to access your vital business data and information, from virtually anywhere, with a familiar, simple and easy to use system, you immediately become more productive. Intranet applications allow just this kind of activity, and they allow your business to place all it's data and information in a single, secure environment to be accessed by your staff from virtually anywhere.

FREE initial consultation

Our experts will work with you to bring your company up to speed with technology issues. From identifying aspects of your business that will benefit from more automation, to the purchase and setup of all the equipment, down to the actual training of the staff, our consultants will work with you and your team on each aspect of the project.

Contact us today, and ask for a FREE consultation regarding any of your present and future IT needs.


iCalendar for MS Outlook. Finally, empowering Outlook users to subscribe to multiple iCal calendars available from numerous sources. You'll love the functionality and the efficiency created by subscribing to calendars maintained by one, and used by many.
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