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Attractions Salon, Athens, OH -Beauty and Tanning Salon

This full service beauty and tanning salon had a dilema...because of the numerous amount of college students calling, wanting to schedule appointments to tan, the phones rang off the hook...continually interrupting the hair stylist. Kenner-Price was called to solve this problem...

With 7-10 beds the tanning portion of the business was definitely profitable but Attractions couldn't see hiring another full timer just to answer phones. Kenner-Price recommended a 'self-scheduling' solution...something on-line that was simple enough for patrons to:

  1. See what Tanning Beds were open, then
  2. Reserve one at a convenient time.

All done on the Internet... no staff intervention required.

This Kenner-Price & Associates product is now available to salons nation-wide. it's called Tanning Focus, a turn-key, on-line service that offers simple, complete bed scheduling.

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