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Conrath Family Dental Care,Athens, OH

This Dental Office's network server crashed losing all client data, scheduling, billing, etc. We were able to work with their Office Management Software Manufacturer to bring it back. Then set up flawless backup routine.

The owner was near tears when she found out that the server's hard-drive had crashed...with no working backup system in place. Looked like they were instantly thrown back to the primitive ways of doing business.

Their Scheduling was GONE!
Since they didn't know 'who was coming in' OR 'what it was for, the entire staff of Conrath Dental (during lunch breaks and after hours) started writing to existing clients...asking for info on appointments dates. This was going to take months of painful, expensive labor.

What we did to help...

We were able to disect the server's corrupt hard drive, pull off small bits of data, then (with the help of the software manufacturer), re-build log files, data files, etc., until we successfully brought everything back up. Then, we then put a simple, flawless backup routine in ensure this would never happen again. We periodically check the backups, through our Preventive Maintenance Program, to make sure all is working as it should.

We were lucky this time!

Since no one can guarantee that data from crashed systems can be retrieved... make sure your back-up routine is in place. Contact us for information on how to start a Preventive Maintenance Program.

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