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Sowash, Carson & Ferrier, LPA, Athens, OH

Dealing with the potentially dangerous effects of Viruses, and the annoyance of daily SPAM e-mails, this Law Office contacted Kenner-Price & Associates to find and implement a secure and reliable solution. 

After researching the countless software/hardware solutions we took the absolute best of features to produce our own 'in house' e-mail server with built in SPAM and VIRUS protection. Our E-mail server sits in the Client's business for speed and reliability. The attorneys at SCF Law Offices can now know that their business E-mail is safe and secure. They also know that they can check their E-mail from home or while on vacation...with full knowledge that it has already been scanned for viruses, and SPAM placed into a quarantine area... and no more relying on an outside ISP to deliver the mail (or worse).

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iCalendar for MS Outlook. Finally, empowering Outlook users to subscribe to multiple iCal calendars available from numerous sources. You'll love the functionality and the efficiency created by subscribing to calendars maintained by one, and used by many.
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